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We understand candidates’ backgrounds and accomplishments, and more importantly, their potential.  Let us help you recruit the leaders you need to thrive in today’s competitive world.


Headquartered in Atlanta

Shoemaker & Associates/Cornerstone Atlanta conducts senior-level recruiting assignments, executive coaching and leadership assessments throughout North America, as well as globally.

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Our experience has been in a variety of industries and functional disciplines. Clients include Fortune 500, mid-cap, start-up and emerging organizations plus privately and family owned businesses. Our long-term client relationships have been built on trust, confidence and performance.

A Modern, Measured Approach To Recruiting

Our process incorporates traditional search protocols, focusing on the candidate’s competency – knowledge, skills, experience, track record and personal attributes. However, these measures alone sell the search process short. We believe the candidate’s fit and compatibility with the client’s organization is paramount to a successful search. Using state-of-the-art tools, our search process focuses on how well the candidate’s style, motivations and brainpower fit the client. We combine the entire analysis, resulting in an evaluation of each candidate’s traits, abilities and special talents, enabling our clients to make the best possible hiring decision.


Our business is built on relationships. Our clients trust us to understand their organization – its strengths as well as challenges. We work with them as partners as we help them identify, attract and develop their leadership team. More than 90% of our revenues are generated from “repeat” clients or organizations referred by clients.

International Reach

As a member of Cornerstone International Group we have strong relationships with like-minded retained search and coaching organizations in the primary business centers of the world. We can conduct assignments almost anywhere, working with local network members who we know personally.


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